Having a descriptive domain is the first thing to consider when setting up a company - failure to do so just makes the goal of industry / local domination so much harder (i.e. 'more expensive').

With a descriptive domain, customers remember your web address, new customers will guess your URL, and instinctively 'trust the guy' with the premium name - it sounds official.

Then there is Google. With a premium descriptive domain, Google could make you an 'authority' for that search phrase; given that the search terms happen to be your online business name, helping you rise to page one position organically.

Plus, links to your website will automatically include the all important keywords in the link as it is also your website address - the more of these links containing the descriptive key phrase you get, the more you migrate to the top without paying for SEO & PPC.


The domains listed here are a small sample of the domains we have available for purchase. We manage many premium domain portfolios - if you are in the market for a top-notch London domain for your business brand, or to corner the search market for an existing brand, drop us a line with details of your requirements and we'll be in touch.

A descriptive domain is possibly the most crucial business investment a business can make for online success.